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Lady Aïda * Doppler F Act – The Eclectic Mix Session (cd 2000 dfact)

Hm, I have to think of something to name mix-cds when I want to review techno. This is not a cd of a band named Doppler F Act, but a mix-cd by Lady Aïda. It is also not really a compilation, but I think compilation would be the best description under the circumstances. Another thing about this release is that I am pretty sure that it was released fairly recently, but the booklet does not give a year.
Ah well, onto the review. As said this cd is a mix cd of Lady Aïda. This is one of the leading Dutch techno DJs and founder or the “Rebel Bass” collective with DJs and related artists and who ‘deliver’ DJs and organise “Rebel Bass events”. On the “Doppler F Act” Aïda mixes her usual brand of minimal and experimental techno, electro (in the techno sence of the word) and drum & bass. Not the stuff that you will hear very often and therefor this cd is immediately quite interesting. In my taste not all used tracks are very good or keep my interest for the whole time, but the farther you get on the cd, the harder and the better the tracks get. Overall this is a very nice cd that kind of gives you the idea of what you will get when you get to see Aïda in ‘real life’ some time. The tracks used are mostly from the years around 1995 by the way.
A very nice cd for anyone who is not afraid of experimental techno.

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