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v/a * Dub Nummer Drie (cd 2000 dub/clone)

After the compilation 12″s “Nummer Een” and “Nummer Twee”, the Dutch progressive techno label Dub Recordings comes with the 12″ “Nummer Drie”. Again there is a cd version with much more tracks than on vinyl, so the choice is easy. 12 Tracks and 70 minutes of tranquil experimental techno that since it became relatively popular got different names to identify it. “Electronica”, “cuts and clicks” (after the compilation series on Mille Plateaux from France), “downtempo”/”slowbeat” (the US terms), etc. Even though there is something similar in the USA, they don’t have our Dub-recordings there.
Anyway, if you don’t know this kind of music, it is hard to describe. As said the music is very tranquil, there isn’t really melody in it, but some clear tunes for the atmosphere. Most stress is on the vague rhythms/beats that aren’t regular or danceble, but also no “breakbeats” or “drum’n’bass rhythms”, but cut-up beats that will drive most people mad. If you know Aphex Twin should be able to get an idea of what we have here, but Aphex goes 3 steps further in madness and idioticy.
I think most tracks sound a bit too much like the best-known project “Funckarma” (they are on the cd, but not on the 12″!, also see their cds above). Also I prefer some more energetic and harder form of this music (like Squarepusher or some Aphex), but this is quite enjoyable as background music, but again, most people will get very nervous when listening to this.

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