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v/a * No More Rock And Roll (cd 2001 make some noise)

Actually this is a compilation with the idea that I had for these pages. Extreme techno from different scenes on one disc. However the line-up is very interesting, the result is less interesting. There are digital hardcore bands to be found, like Bomb20, Atari Teenage Riot, Cobra Killer. also there are more ‘serious’ techno acts like Hellfish, 2nd Gen and Kid606. Then a bunch of bands that I didn’t know. Unfortunately the digital hardcore bands’ contributions confirmed my idea that this scene has a lack of inspiration. It is still sampled breakbeats and a lot of unnecessary experimentalism like it got just after the hype began. By far the best tracks are those of the three mentioned ‘serious’ techno acts, which are all three quite hard, actually harder than the rest! In general it all isn’t too extreme.
The idea is there, but it could have been so much better.

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