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Loftgroover presents Speedcore (2cd 1998 harmless records)

“Speecore” is here presented as ‘post-gabber’. Loftgroover is a UK dj that mixed two cds together with what he calls “industrial techno and thrash dance”. However there are a few gabber-parodies on this cd, most of it is definately a continuation of what in the Netherlands used to be (or is) gabber. It is harder, more violent, less danceble, more experimental and less joyous in sound. Some tracks even sound agressive. Not everything I hear is very good, but overall this is a pretty extreme techno cd. Around the end of the second disc Loftgroover mixes three nice jokes in his Speedcore cd: Dismember, Morbid Angel and Brutal Thruth! Kind of makes me think about this lousy Earache cd “Extreme metal meets extreme techno” or something. BUT, a pretty funny ‘compilation’ to find out what happened after gabber and particularly abroad.

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