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v/a * 21st Century Drum+Bass (cd 2000 react music limited)

I don’t know if any of you read the review of the Bad Company 2cd of a while back and decided to have a listen in the shop but came to the conclusion that this cd is too expensive for a kind of music that you usually don’t listen/buy? Well, here I have got a descent alternative. “21st Century Drum+Bass” spans 3 cds and will cost you the price of one! That is not even everything, because the d+b is not the usual d+b with vocal(sample)s, too many change of rhythm and melodies that we are not waiting for (I am not at least), but more minimal harsch and rather dark d+b (however dark is of course very relative when you usually listen to dark industrial, etc.). No-nonsense d+b put together for an agreeable price. The best Bad Company tracks can be found here and also one track of the Matrix cd (also reviewed somewhere). This is a minor point about this compilation or actually of any d+b compilation: many songs appear on many other compilations of cds of the bands themselves. Further I find nothing much to complain. Over three hours of nice to brilliant d+b in a style that I like best. Of course not every track is equally brilliant and the minor tracks seem to be concentrated on the third disc. And I think this may be a good introduction for those who are not yet familiar with 21st century techno.

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