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Wutanes Heer * (7″ 1998 membrum debile propaganda)

For a long time Wutanes Heer has been a name that I heard off, but I didn’t know their music. I think I must have heard about them when this 7″ came out and never paid much attention because I have never been a great lover of noise. Last year there was an interview with this Italian act in the Rumenian magazine “Letters From The Nuovo Europa” and late last year a contribution appeared on the compilation 2cd dedicated to Codreanu (see review elsewhere) from the same corner.
I thought that this 7″ had reached quite a cult-status and expected it to be long sold out, so I was very surprised when I saw it in the Tesco catalogue.
So, as expected, noise with war-samples, sometimes nice, sometimes just fine. Mostly for collectors-reasons, so if you are also interested contact Tesco quickly to find out if they have more copies left.

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