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:Wumpscut: * Blutkind (2cd 2000 beton kopf media)

This is the first electro cd to be reviewed in Sententia. This is not because I don’t like electro, in fact, I highly enjoy this music at times. Point is that I don’t like most electro releases and therefor I seldom buy one. The chance is too big that I won’t like the cd at all. :W: (as the band’s name is most often abbreviated) used to be my favourite electro act by far. I have the first five cds (three full-lenghts, two minis), but after that the releases didn’t appeal to me anymore. This “old-new” thing also shows on “Blutkind” (which means bloodchild by the way). “Blutkind” is a double cd for the price of a normal cd and contains tracks from the 91 and 92 demos “Defcon” and “Small Chambermusicians” and is filled up with unreleased material, old and new versions of old tracks, two new tracks and a multimedia track. The latter is a flash-like little program with an awfull lot of pictures, lyrics, music, biography, etc. Looks pretty damn nice too! Definately the tracks from the demos are the best of this 2cd. They are the extremely harsch industrial – electro tracks that I love from the early cds. Distorted sounds, distorted vocals, crazy rhythms and funny samples. The first cd mostly contains these danceble sounds. The second cd contains quite a lot of ambient-like tracks and some softer electro. That last is also to be found on the later cds and that is where I left :W: for what it was. Also with the newer style the darkness and grim humour seems to be decrease.
But, this cd is a good introduction for people who don’t know :W: yet. They can hear the old and the new style, read about the history, view and extensive discography and listen to about 140 minutes of music for a relatively small price.
And not to give you the wrong impression: there is enough good stuff on this cd to enjoy me too!

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