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Wolfskin * The Gather Of Shadows By The Setting Sun (cdr 2001 ajna offensive)

Actually I’m not so sure about the label, but the information says that the artwork is by Ajna en Tesco listed this cd-r under Ajna, so I suppose it’s correct.
Anyway, Wolfskin is a Portugese project and I think it is the same guy as Karnnos. Not only Karnnos has a bandmember “JA” and Wolfskin “J. Aernus”, but also the sound of Wolfskin is much like the soundscapish Karnnos tracks and Wolfskin will soon release a cd on the French label Cynfeirdd that also released the first Karnnos cd.
As mentioned musically this cdr contains soundscapes, which are very ambient, very monotous and not very good. Here and there you will hear some drumming and singing. The package is an A5 cork package (which made me think of a Portugese label that makes a habbit of packages out of natural materials) with a small card pasted inside with some info on. The package makes this a nice collectors-item, but the music isn’t very good. I wonder what the upcoming cd will be like.
If you are interested in this release, I got my copy from Tesco.

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