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Wappenbund * Kinder Des Lichtes (cd 2005 greyland records)

To be honest, initially I wasn’t planning on buying the new Wappenbund. Not that I don’t like this German project, but I already got three of the cd’s, they are not too easy to get (very limited and not available from my normal mailorder) and however at times very, very good, Wappenbund tends to sound the same too often. Also the cd’s come in special packages and are very short, which are reasons that I don’t play them too often. So I just figured that I wouldn’t take the effort of trying to find “Kinder Des Lichtes”. But then I read that this was going to be the last cd and since I have everything but the “Zurück In Der Heimat” 7″, it would be a shame if I didn’t complete my collection! So then the trouble of laying my hands on a copy started. I had the brilliant idea that I wanted to get this cd and the new Propergol from the same distro, but this showed a strange combination! Only one (Equilibrium Music) has both titles, but there were some problems with getting the new Propergol from the States into “fortress Europe”. But the cds came afterall.
So then, onto the music. The last Wappenbund proves to be a more tranquil, orchestral cd with hardly any of the bombastic militant sounds that I like this band for left. Some electro/technoish things in the beginning, but mostly orchestrations for the rest doesn’t make this cd the best Wappenbund by far. Quite a pitty. All in all this cd doesn’t bore me stiff, but I had hoped for something better as final album.

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