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Wappenbund * Preußen (2cd 2003 greyland records)

The new Wappenbund is a box with two cds and very nice extras. One cd is “Preußen”, which is about the independent state of the federal state (of in better translation ‘part of the state’) with the same name. Of course this was a few hundred years ago and nowadays Preußen is a part of Germany. The cd contains the wellknow Wappenbund sound, bombastic, slightly militant and noisy industrial with a lot of samples Busslers distorted vocals. The cd opens very good, overall the cd has great tracks and alright tracks and lasts for 45 minutes.
In the box also comes the long anounced “Schlacht The Final Chapter” album (of 30 minutes). This one is a bit more noisy.

Anyway, if you like Wappenbund this one won’t let you down. 494 Copies, so you you may want to be quick. <15/10/03><3>

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