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Wappenbund * Zeitenwende (cd 2001 greyland records / electronic sound lab)

An unknown band, an unknown label, at least, to me. It seems that Wappenbund has been around for a while, but they don’t have too many different releases out. The releases that they do have, come in different versions. This cd comes in a very nice envelope. It has for about 45 minutes of music. Greyland Records also seems to have been around for a while, but recently became part of This last wants to become a label/distro for electronica, techno and industrial, but only the industrial (Greyland) part is really up and running when I write this. Greyland on the other hand appears to be the personal label of a guy named Sven Bussler who is also behind most of the Greyland bands, and also behind Wappenbund.
As the bandname slightly suggests, Wappenbund makes bombastic industrial with militant and orchestral touches. The music goes from pretty harsch to fairly soft and has quite a lot of samples. I really like this and Wappenbund doesn’t sound too much like bands making similar music. So, if you also enjoy this kind of stuff, be sure so go to the Esola page and have a listen to the Wappenbund (and other) mp3’s and I am quite sure you will want to order this or other cds. <6/4/02><4>

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