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Wappenbund * Blood & Fire (mcd 2001 greyland records)

This is the second Wappenbund release that I review and I think it is older than the “Zeitenwende” cd. It certainly isn’t as good as the cd. This mcd has five tracks. It opens very noisy and nicely militaristic. The second track can be downloaded as mp3 from the labels website and is a nice bombastic track. Then we get a rather boring track with singing, a not too great track with a distorted beat and a tranquil track that I also already had as mp3. If you don’t know Wappenbund yet, first download some mp3s and then get the “Zeitenwende” cd. In the coming months there should be a new cd called “Schlacht – The Final Part”, I can’t wait to hear it, since Wappenbund sure is an interesting project. <29/5/02><3>

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