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Horror Vacui – Living For Nothing (2020)

Every once in a while I like to listen to old school goth rock (deathrock). A band I discovered this way is the Italian Horror Vacui.

The 2012 debut is “In Darkness Everything Will Be Alright” is -to my ears- still their best material, especially the title track.

After two more full lengths and a few minis, “Living For Nothing” has just been made available digitally (physical releases are forthcoming). 30 Minutes, eight tracks, so is this a mini or a full length?

The music is still typical for the band. One high pitched ‘gruftie’ guitar making the melodies and great ‘grave vocals’. Simple melodies, simple songs, just as goth rock is supposed to sound. Older material was slightly faster and (therefore) a bit more ‘catchy’, but again the more uptempo songs on “Living For Nothing” are enjoyable.

Link: Horror Vacui (Bandcamp)

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