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Belborn * s/t (cd 2000 world serpent)

Again a new folkband from Germany. Apparently one release was enough for this band to reach somewhat of a cultstatus.
This untitled debut does indeed contain a bunch of very enjoyable neo-folk songs. The music is rather primitive, which is sometimes charming, but sometimes not so charming. It sounds like that most of the music is electronic beside the vocals and acoustic guitars. Especially the marchdrums sound a bit too synthetic for me. There are also two wave-like songs with a drumcomputer that were better left out.
Most of the cd contains very nice neo-folk though, with only vocals and a guitar and sometimes an instrument more. The nice melodies and amount of vocals makes this cd a nice one to sing along. And those who would like to learn a little German can also check the lyrics which are printed both in German and in English.

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