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Miracle Of Love – You Will Be Free (2019)

This forthcoming album (June 18th) appears to be the third release of this one-man project from Rome. “Post industrial” is the description that he likes to use for his project.

The opening track starts with (dark) ambient tunes. Towards the end there are more guitar driven noisey elements. Then follow some tracks that hold the middle between dark ambient and industrial, somewhat ‘soundscapish’ with here and there a pounding beat which makes me think of Galerie Schallschutz. The noisey guitars often remain in the background. The sound is often ambient, but here and there are more industrial parts leaning towards noise.

So, soundscape-like ambient, sometimes dark, with industrial and noise elements. Does that describe “post-industrial”? It does describe this album at least and that is what this is about. A nice album, forthcoming on Overture Militia.

Link: Overture Militia

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