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v/a * Thorak (compilation cd 1998 vaws)

The first Vaws compilation in this ‘series’ (await the Breker compilation some time soon) is dedicated to the sculpturist Joseph Thorak and is so far definately the least interesting one.
However the orchestral track in the beginning (Stalingrad, The Protagonist, Von Thronstahl, The Days Of The Trumpet Call and Forthcoming Fire) are nice to very nice, the following industrial contributions (Karceral Flesh, Ecodalia, Skrol, Egoades, Turbund Sturmwerk and Source Direct) aren’t very good with the exception of Turbund and then some horrible gothic of Near Death Experience and Siela, followed by two neo-folk songs of Death In June (“Kameradschaft” the only neo-folk song from “Take Care And Control”) and Andromeda Complex.
Only agreeable for the first 1/3.


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