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v/a * The Outsider (cdr 2002 somnambulant corpse recordings)

“An Aural Channelling Of H.P. Lovecraft” is the fourth SCR cdr and their first compilation. Almost 80 minutes of music with mostly fairly unknown bands, of which I knew (or at least heard off) most. Musically it is dark ambient soundscapes with here and there some noise influences and sometimes a bit more industrial. The most eye-catching name is that of Schloss Tegal. Further you get the three projects that earlier released cdrs on SCR, Tugend, Axone and Bestia Centauri. Then there is Murderous Vision that I knew from the “Live Bait Recording Foundation” compilation 2cassette, Post Scriptvm that I knew from and three projects that I didn’t know before, When Joy Becomes Saddness, The Hollowing and Kuru.
However these ambient soundscapes are not really my kind of recordings, I surprisingly enough like most of the tracks on this black cdr. Most tracks are just dark and varried enough to keep my attention, only a few are too monotous for my taste.
So, you may want to get this nice compilation that comes in a DVD box from this young American label.

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