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v/a * The Cold, The Silent (compilation cd 1999 dragon flight recordings)

Well, this is a strange compilation cd. The first time I listened to it, caused quite a stir. This cd starts with a couple of very descent dark orchestral tracks of Nocturath, Dream Into Dust, Chants for the Fallen, 4th Sign of the Apocalypse and As All Die. Then there’s a doom metal track by Skepticism and I wondered what was the use of that. But the next track of Krieg is a boring black metal track! Next up is Ember who make quite nice melodic black with horrid vocals (or is it Gothenburg-style death?). Then we have Novembers Doom bringing (as the bandname suggests) doom metal. Ningizzia make …eh… black metal? Well, their homepage url says “darkmetal”, so I guess you can call it that. After this we return to some more moody music with Shellyz Raven who play atmospheric metal with female vocals. The pre-last project is Veinke, this is dark ambient again. The Cold, The Silent closes of with the known gothic/doom metal band Canaan.
All in all I’m not happy with this compilation. The first tracks are really worth buying a compilation, but they should definately have left these shitty metal tracks. I suppose the aim of this cd is building a bridge between the gothic and metal audience, but I don’t know if this will ever really succeed.

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