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Axon Neuron / Vagwa * Thorned Messages (cassette 2000 ragnarune)

The biggest compliment that I can get for these music pages is of course when a band asks if they can send something for review. This hasn’t happened to me too often yet, but a while back I got an email from Axon Neuron / Vagwa and yesterday I received this tape.
I only know the band from their contributions to the “Immortal Legends” and “Collapse” compilations, but their discography has an impressive list of 7 cassettes, 2 cd-rs and 6 compilation contributions. “Thorned Messages” is the last release of the band itself and followed up by the “Collapse” and “Za Dom Spremni” compilations.
The music on the tape varries from monotous and dark soundscapes, to dark ambient, industrial and here and there a touch of noise. Since I am not too crazy about too monotous music, I don’t like the tape entirely, but overall it sounds very well, especially in the more industrial parts. The atmosphere reminds me a bit of Inade and I guess that if you enjoy dark industrial/ambient, you should give Axon Neuron / Vagwa a try and buy one of the cassettes. Be quick though, all items are limited, this tape to 6 copies (special edition) and 150 copies. I got #37, so that means that there are probably about a 100 left by the time I write this.

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