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v/a * Miroque vol. v (cd 2000 nova tekk)

This is another “mittelalter, barock, gothic” compilation series by Nova Tekk. The other has only two volumes which are both reviewed in these pages. Because I already feared that the Aeternas and Miroques would be more or less the same, I never bougth a Miroque. When I saw that Blood Axis was on this one -though- I figured I might want to give it a try.
So when I got this cd I immediately checked to see what medieval song Blood Axis contributed, but (as was to be expected) it was an old song and not even a new version, but directly taken from the “Mysteria Mythrae” compilation. Many of you will now know that the featured song is the magnificent “Lord Of Ages”.
The rest then. As I also expected I know most of the bands from the Aeterna compilations. The largest part of this cd is real medieval music and not the neo-medieval kind of stuff that is often produced by bands from the gothic scene. Also just as the Aeternas, the level of the music is definately agreeable, which makes this a nice compilation to listen to. Around the end there are four really shitty songs though (17-20).
When you don’t have any of the mentioned Nova Tekk compilations and you wonder about medieval music, both traditional and from the gothic scene, you can buy any of the five Miroques or two Aeternas for a really descent compilation (I take that the other four Miroques are also good as a change). There is instrumental music, vocal, choirs and of course a lot of flutes and bagpipes. Don’t expect exclusive songs, but you can look forward to known and unknown bands either or not from the gothic scene.
After two of the cds there isn’t much new anymore, so I don’t think you will read another volume reviewed in these pages, not even when Blood Axis is on it. I like this music a lot, but when compilations even start to sound alike….

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