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v/a * Lichttaufe – Der Folklore Liedschatz – Wave Gotik Treffen Leipzig (cd 2000 prophecy productions)

However (neo-)folk music was not really that well represented on the ninth Wave Gotik Treffen (especially not when things started to go wrong), it was decided to release a special folk-compilation for this edition of the festival.
Unmistakingly this is a really good compilation, as a matter of fact, this is one of the better compilations that I know. It lasts for almost an hour and features exclusive tracks from known and less-known folky bands from the gothic scene. These bands are: Hagalaz’ Runedance with a brilliant new song in the “shamanistic” vein. Next up is Empyrium who’s “exclusive” track is the same as on “On The Brink Of Infinity” (see review elsewhere). Still this is a beautiful dark orchestral track. Then we have a nice neo-folk song from Orplid. Also we find Tenhi from Finland, who already released a mcd and a cd on Prophecy Productions, but their song isn’t really good. Further we have Hekate (who also have a cd combining industrial, ritual and folk), Of The Wand And The Moon (cd reviewed elsewhere), Scivias, Waldteufel, Forseti, Spiritual Front and Dies Natalis. All tracks are at least average and some are simply great.
Over all I can recommend this cd to anyone who needs an introduction into gothic folkmusic.


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