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v/a * Inquinamento Acustico vol. 1 (cd 2000 misty circles / oktagön)

A compilation with what I usually call “ambient noise”, meaning tranquil and minimal noise that isn’t very extreme in sound. Some names are quite known, of others I had never heard.
This kind of music may sound alright as background music, but I think then I would go berzerk by the high frequencies. And to just listen to it, this is too monotous for me. I guess it is enough to play one or two tracks once in a while, because some tracks are quite funny.
The bands then: Amon; Murder Corporation; Deca; Bad Sector; I Burn; Kluster Cold; Sshe Retina Stimulants; Today, I’m Dead; Deison; Claudedi, Dither Craf & Spiritual Front; Teatro Satanico Charles Manson; Stable and Mörder Machine.

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