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v/a * Heilige Feuer (cd 2001 der angriff)

It was a long wait for this cd, but I finally got it. A Russian compilation remembering the first industrial festival in Russia, december 2000 in St-Petersburg. It must have been satisfactory, because last year more concerts were held in the same city. Anyway, the line-up of Sal Solaris, Deutsch Nepal, Der Blutharsch, Genocide Organ and Reutoff was promising. Two yet fairly unknown Russian acts (the first and the last) together with established names of the scene. Sal Solaris has just released their debut cd on Albin Julius’ Hau Ruck! label and will be reviewed when I get it. Reutoff we of course know from ‘that other’ Russian compilation “10 Years Of Madness”.
Actually I am not too impressed by the studio-tracks that each project contributed two off. Sal Solaris has two dark ambient tracks that are alright, but not smashing, Deutsch Nepal has two not too typical and not too briliant tracks (one song actually!), Der Blutharsch also contributed two not too typical tracks that are fairly strange and funny, Genocide come with a heavy and a more minimal track and Reutoff has two ambient/industrial/noise tracks which I actually find the best tracks of this compilation. In total giving 54 minutes of music. Nice, but with this line-up it could have been better.

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