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v/a * Extreme Music From Africa (cd 1997 susan lawly)

After “Extreme Music From Japan” and “Extreme Music From Women” the label that is mostly known for Whitehouse released this cd several years ago. A description in the vein of “power electronics with tribal drumming and ritual chanting” made me curious about this compilation. It is supposed to have bands from all over the African continent that were found via many contacts and the internet, but it remains unclear if the music is genuinely African noise or not.
Anyway, the idea is better than the implementation and “Extreme Music From Africa” only contains some boring noise or not even that, but just some sonic experimentation. Only here and there you hear some African singing of a sampled drum, but nowhere it creates the atmosphere it could have. Too bad, because I liked the idea.
Still available from Tesco, should you still want to give this one a try.

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