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v/a * Cavalcare La Tigra – Julius Evola: Centenary (compilation cd 1999)

A compilation dedicated to the Italian philosopher Julius Evola with the following acts:
Von Thronstahl (this track sounds like an old version of “Under The Mask Of Humanity” on the cd), Orplid (nice tranquil neo-folk), Blood Axis (“Herjafather” you all know it from “Blòt” by now), Alraune (an eerie minimalistic song), Camerata Mediolanense (in their known bombastic medievalish style), Lonsai Maikov (atmospheric), Allerseelen (a very nice mysterious industrial track with a beautiful title, “Gletscherlicht”), Ain Soph (boring neo-folk), Waldteufel (a nice folky song) and a very long track of Scivias.
Most songs are alright.

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