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v/a * Audacia Imperat! (12″ 2002 öktagön)

It was a long wait for this not-too-great compilation. First edition is a picture 12″ and a normal 12″. Rumours say that the cd-version will come afterall, but with different bands/tracks. Anyway, after having been postphoned countless times, I got the picture lp version in my hands this week. What we get is new versions of old tracks by Of The Wand And The Moon, Von Thronstahl and Dies Natalis and all three aren’t too great and of course we already know the Von Thronstahl track from his “E Pluribus Unum” cd. There are new tracks (or at least to me) by Tribe Of Circle (not too great, ambient-like), Spiritual Front (by far the best track from this lp, another crazy, folky experiment), Waldteufel (very strange), Kirlian Camera (a nice and long atmospheric track), The Days Of The Trumpet Call (sounding exactly like most of his other tracks) and Sonne Hagal (terrible). The last track to mention is one of a band that I didn’t have anything of: Cadaverous Condition. The bandname suggests a metal band. Musically we get a neo-folkish song with a vocalist that seems to be a deathmetal vocalist who doesn’t know whether to roar or to sing, awfull!
All in all not the most brilliant compilation of recent times.

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