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v/a * All My Dead Friends (cd 2006 cold meat industry)

It was a long wait after the previous compilation from CMI. The new one has a rather dull title, but it is about the music of course. CMI-samplers are always looked forward to by many people. “All My Dead Friends” has a different ‘concept’ than previous CMI-samplers. On this cd, no acts from the old guard; no Brighther Death Now, no Deutsch Nepal, no Raison d’être, even no Sephiroth or The Protagonist. The oldest band on this new compilation is Coph Nia. I don’t know most of the projects and, I believe, none of the tracks. Most tracks are nice to good (except for a horrible song by Stormfagel). The previous compilation “Flowers Made Of Snow” rose the suggestion that CMI would move towards more popular folky sounds, but “All My Dead Friends” fortunately doesn’t continue this path. Dark ambient (the famous CMI-sound), more industrial, even ‘old-fashioned’ industrial (reminding of Memorandum) and a few less-electronic bands make a compilation that I will probably play more than the compilations with tracks that were later released on the bands’ cds.

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