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Adesso Viene Il Bello 2 (7″ 2002 hau ruck!/tesco)

I missed the first Adesso Viene Il Bello, but hearing this one I don’t mind too much. I wonder why Albin Julius who often said that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with fascism would release 7″s with Italian fascist marches. Hearing the music I get the idea. Also I wonder what the reason is that people like myself would like to get a 7″ with fascist marches. I suppose this must have something to do with a fascination of things taboo or obscure. Anyway, the “Italian fascist marches” aren’t really marches, but more Schlager-like old folksongs with fascist lyrics. I know that herr Julius is heavily into Schlager music, so I think that this is what he likes in this music. Personally I am not too pleased with the music, this this is just an addition to my collection.


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