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Umbra * Ater (cd 1999 fluttering dragon)

After releasing the first cd of Ontario Blue (a solo project of Stephen Pennick of Endura), Fluttering Dragon seems to be growing quickly.This time the label releases a cd of an industrial project from their own country: Poland. I guess it’s the first cd of Umbra and I must say it’s surprisingly good!
The opening reminds of the first Ildfrost cd (94 cold meat industry), but soon the resemblances are greater to the cd of Aghast (95 cold meat industry). The same haunting female vocal effects and stretched-up sounds. The rest of the cd keeps bringing remembrances to both bands, but not as strong as in the first track.
Overall Umbra brings some mystical piece of industrial with female vocals, either whispered, spoken, sung or with effects. Often it’s very ambient, but sometimes there’re orchestal influences (piano, violin) and the last track is even a magnificent piece of dark orchestral music (with male vocals by the way).
The package looks really good too, but the cover and logo reminds a bit too much of a metal band to me…
Oh, for those interested, this cd is mixed by Fredrik Söderlund of Puissance, Setherial, etc., etc., etc.

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