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Un Défi d’Honneur * Aurore Du Gloire (cd 2003 neuropa records)

“Un Défi d’Honneur” is of course just “A Challenge Of Honour” in French and the booklet says: “A Challenge Of Honour présente: Un Défi d’Honneur”. A while ago I saw this band on stage together with Dernière Volonté and it appeared to be Peter of ACOH with two other guys from who one French-speaking-Albin-Julius-lookalike. The music proved to be tranquil and monotous with drumming and French lyrics. I can’t see anything of the lineup in the booklet, but there are no lyrics on this cd, so maybe in Leuven it was a live-lineup. Too bad, because now it is only tranquil monotous music with drumming. Not bad, but not too exiting either. Also pretty short: 39 minutes.

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