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Ultra United * Ultra Audience (cd 2002 stateart)

The German label State Art has made a fresh new start. The idea is to release new and progressive industrial with a high aesthetic value. If I am right the first releases with this idea are this one and the new Cyclotimia cd. If you have the Collapse festival compilation cd on State Art, you already know Ultra United. I believe there is some vinyl release on an Italian label before this cd, but I am not sure. Anyway, I don’t find Ultra United very fresh or progressive! The cd opens with a short noisy track and most of the rest of the 45 minutes cd consists of monotous soundscapes or atmospheric ambient things. Here and there some more industrial / noise influences, but always very tranquil. I think that if you like Nocturne (also on Stateart), you will also like this one. Personally I think this (and Nocturne) is alright, but not too brilliant.


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