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Tribe of Circle * Rien Ne Disparait Jamais Vraiment… (cd 2000 athanor)

The first full length of this French band comes on a French label. Earlier the band could be heard on Albin Julius’ Hau Ruck label with a 7″ that I don’t have. Musically the band fits in the dark ambient/industrial corner. The band is recommanded to those who like bands like Der Blutharsch, Blood Axis, Turbund Sturmwerk, etc., but actually I think lovers of CMI sounds should (also) have a listen to this cd. For the largest part “Rien…” consists of dark ambient, but the difference with the usual CMI sound is that there is quite a lot of rhythm. There are also marchdrums and some bombastic tunes which probably make the comparison with the earlier mentioned bands.
The length is a little minimal (43 min), but the digipack looks great and musically this is a very promising debut. <31/10/00><4>

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