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Triarii * Ars Militaria (cd 2005 eternal soul)

In the Netherlands we have a saying which means something like ‘better well copied than poorly self-invented’. This definately goes for this new German band. “Ars Militaria” contains music in the vein of Predella Avant, Sophia and Karjalan Sissit. This means, bombastic orchestral music with marchdrumming. The cd opens quite strongly, but it reminds too much of Predella avant. As the cd continues the tracks get less strong, but towards the end the tension comes back. So overall we have a pretty enjoyable cd, but with an unoriginal sound. Now almost all that I said before could be said about the first two Karjalan cds but they got more of an unique sound and their cds remain enjoyable for the most parts, so I am curious about the future of Triarii.

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