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Toroidh * Those Who Do Not Remember The Past Are Condemned To Repeat It (cd 2001 205 recordings)

Hm, this MZ.412/Folkstorm sideproject releases so many very limited things that it is impossible to keep up. I also ordered an lp which is no longer available and also this cd was said to be no longer available, but I got a copy afterall. In the meantime there is another lp available. I wonder why the guys release so much material, because it is really not that good. Maybe it would be a better idea to work on the material for some more time before releasing something.
“Those Who Do Not Remember…” seems to be older material now on cd. This disc contains ambient/industrial which reminds a lot of the first cd of Der Blutharsch. There are some militant samples and drumming, but the music remains tranquil and quite monotous. It all sounds quite nice, but not really good and definately not original (too obvious samples too!!). <29/6/02><3>


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