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Toroidh * Europe Is Dead / Dr Weiskopf Ist Tod (7″ 2001 christcrusher)

How strange these things can go. I ordered the Toroidh lp and cd almost three months ago and I am still waiting. This 7″ I ordered two weeks ago from another mailorder… Well, I guess this 7″ was the Toroidh debut, so maybe it is better this way.
This picture 7″ was released by a black metal label, what probably makes your toes crawl. Having this notification followed by the remarks that the first track is an industrial track with an acoustic guitar and the second track a dark industrial/ambient track with a rather militant sound, probably won’t make things better. Anyway, it sounds alright, so I wonder what the full-lengths will sound like. You will read it here as soon as I get them. <13/4/02><2>


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