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The Soil Bleeds Black * Mirror Of The Middle Ages (lp 2002 the fossil dungeon)

The sixth album of TSBB is first released on this heavy lp limited to 500 copies by the twins themselves and in the summer there will be a cd-version through World Serpent. If you regularly check the mp3-page of the band, you already have five of the ten tracks of this lp. You may have already noticed that this is the first time that TSBB didn’t write all the tracks themselves, but that they actually used existing melodies or lyrics. Therefor they call it their “most medieval album-to-date”. “Mirror Of The Middle Ages” is not as sad in sound as the previous album “Alchemie”, but also not as joyous as the older works, but pretty cheerfull at times.
Besides the mp3-tracks “Ring Around The Rosey”, “The Wife Of Bathe”, “Pasttime With Good Company”, “Epitaph Of Elizabeth” and “Jubilation Of Earthly Delights”, you will hear the songs “Kyrie Eleison”, “Tempus Est Iocundum” (that we already know in Ataraxia’s version “Mundus Est Judundum (Carmina Burana)” from the 1998 cd “Historiae”), “Veni, Veni, Emmanuel”, “In Taberna Quando Sumus”. “Palastinalied” (which the German Corvus Corax have on several cds) and “Daughter Of Leondegrance”.
All in all another nice album from the American neo-medievalists.

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