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The People’s Republic Of Europe * Steel And Honour (cd+mcd 2002 new darkness records)

Apparently there are still bands and labels around that I don’t know, even in the Netherlands. I accidentally ran into this band on when looking for Converter like bands! This is not really the sound of TPROE though. This project has released three cdrs so far on his own label, which has quite some releases by the way. The sound of TPROE varries from album to album and also on the two cds of “Steel And Honour”. The ‘normal’ cd contains heavy industrial, rhythmical noise, dark ambient and some soundscapes and is sometimes really good, sometimes still quite nice. The mcd has one very long and monotous ambient soundscapes track which is rather boring and a nice short soundscape track with rhythmical noise mixed through it. Especially regarding the whole cd a project to look out for. Quite some tracks on the mp3 page, so you may want to check them out first. On the other side, the cd’s are so cheap (E 10 including p+p) that you don’t have to let TPROE go for the money.

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