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Violence Conjugale ‎* Vices Et Mensonges (12″ 2016)

I have known Violence Conjugale for a while. They have one brilliant and several nice tracks. They make something between “minimal wave” (in the slower tracks) and “old style EBM” (in the faster tracks) plus a sound of their own. This ‘minimal wave scene’ is an odd scene. I just took this project to be from that corner and now they share labels with Duchess Says. Also the previous release from 2012 is (based on the label) more to be placed in the “electropunk” scene and now again.

Just as I know Violence Conjugale, this new album contains alright tracks, but especially the more uptempo tracks are more of my liking. There is nothing like “Homosexualis Discotecus”, but this new lp sure contains a few interesting tunes.

Perhaps it is fairer to say that this project holds the middle between “minimal wave” and “electropunk”. Anyway, a project you may want to have a listen to.

Links: Violence Conjugale, Teenage Menopause Records

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