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The Days of the Trumpet Call * Purification (cd 2000 black rain)

Orchestal music from the Feindflug label! Trumpet Call is a project of Raymond P., a name that you may know from his participation in the controversial industrial/folk band Von Thronstahl. With this in mind I actually hear some similarities between these two bands, but I doubt I would have noticed that if I didn’t know about the connection.
Anyway, The Days… makes rather primitive orchestral music (neo-classical in a way). It all sounds quite nice, but it isn’t smashing. The music is mostly tranquil, but at times a bit more bombastic. Once in a while there is drumming. There are quite a lot of vocals on this cd for an orchestral cd, but who says that everything has to sound similar? Here and there I even hear a folky tune, but for the largest part the music is quite typical.
All in all an alright cd.

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