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The Coffinshakers * We Are The Undead (lp 1999 primitive art records)

Some people have thought that The Coffinshakers were a joke. This was mainly because of their highly unusual kind of music in the dark scene: country! Fact is though, that I’ve got a demo from them which is already from as far back as 95 and I believe that was their second or third recording. That they still exist today, should prove to everyone that they’re definately not a joke. However this lp should have been released almost two years ago (as a cd), I’m glad that it’s finally available. As long as I know the band I’ve been captured by their totally insane combination of country music and vampiric lyrics. Some 7″s have been made available by Primitive Art and now there’s an lp which is limited to 666 copies, so I’m afraid “We Are The Undead” is not going to give The Coffinshakers much of a name. But everyone who isn’t afraid of rock’n’roll country music should try to get his/her hand on this marvelous lp. I don’t like it as much as I do the demo and 7″s, but that may be caused because the surprise is gone for me. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like this lp, it’s still truly something completely different in my collection and I sure do see the fun of it. Buy this lp with the four cool dudes on the cover!

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