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Leidungr ‎* De Nio Kraftsångerna (cd 2013)

Discogs.comEquilibrium Music sent a few promos, two recent and this album which is a bit older. I do not think that I heard of Leidungr before. This is a bit odd since it is a project of Henry “Puissance” “Arditi” Muller together with two other blokes. Moreover, Leidungr seems to try to pick a grain of the succes of Wardruna who are fairly popular, so I wonder how I could have missed a Wardruna-like project.

Like Wardruna, Leidungr makes “Nordic ritual folk”. They even use the deep vocals, the somewhat shamanic type of drumming and the stringed instruments (violins, but also the low instrument that Wardruna uses). Leidungr is not a Wardruna clone though. Some tracks have choir samples, other samples and Leidungr has more ‘modern’ influences. Some tracks indeed remind of Wardruna, others not at all, they more fit the bill of light-toned martial/orchestral music.

The nine power songs makes a fair album, one to try if you think Wardruna makes too few albums; and of course if you just like this type of music and/or think that Wardruna is too minimalistic.

Links: Leidungr, Equilibrium Music

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