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Tehôm * Theriomorphic Spirits (cd 2000 ner)

Finally I found myself again a piece of really dark ambient. This cd is released by Douglas P. of Death in June and distributed by Tesco. The artist died shortly after completing the recordings of this album most likely of war-related illness which he catched during his service at the Croatian front.
But back to the music. In 6 tracks Tehôm managed to fill 70 minutes with the most dark and haunting ambient of recent times. The music is quite monotous, but just not too monotous for me to dislike it. There are industrial influences, but mostly “Theriomorphic Spirits” contains nightmarish soundscapes. The amount of low frequencies gave me the opportunity to get the best out of my magnificent B&W speakers (Dutch craftmanship) and make the walls vibrate. Here and there you will hear a dark sample to complete things and sometimes some rhythm.
However 70 minutes is a bit long to listen in one take, this is really great dark ambient and a lot darker than what we are used to.


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