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Sturmovik * Feldweihe (lp 2000 tesco)

Yes, finally I found another really interesting piece of dark industrial. Tesco presents Sturmovik’s debut album on a heavy piece of vinyl which limited to 750 copies. Sturmovik is often compared to Turbund Sturmwerk and indeed I hear some similarities here and there myself, but overall Sturmovik definately have a sound of their own. They produce an excellent mix between dark industrial, (dark) ambient, a bit of noise, orchestral parts, drumming and military samples (guns, airplanes, missiles and singing soldiers) making “Feldweihe” a magnificent album to listen to. The music is not too rough, but the drumming and beats give it enough industrial influences to be no more ambient and overall this lp has a quite dark sound.
Well, I can be pretty short about this one, get yourself one of the copies before they are gone!

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