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Spiritual Front * Nihilist Cocktails For Calypso Inferno (cd 2002 oktagön records/misty circles)

The second cd of this strange Italian band. It has been several years since the limited cd “Songs For The Will” which presented nice and original neo-folk and strange experiments. After two (that I know off) compilation contributions (Lichttauffe 2000 and Codreanu 2001) we are graced with the second cd in the form of “Nihilist Coctails For Calypso Inferno”.
This time the music is less “neo-folk”, but still with the original deep spoken vocals, melancholic tunes and strange short bits of music between the songs. This time these are a bit jazzy and sometimes with some strange technoish rhythms and most of the time not really irritating or boring.
The rest of the cd contains the two beautiful compilation contributions that I mentioned, melancholic songs and some more neo-folk like songs. Overall it may be not the greatest cd of all times, but Spiritual Front is definately a one-of-a-kind band presenting a cd that you can at least tell appart from other releases from the scene.

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