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Spiritual Front * Song For The Will (cd 1999? misty circles / old europe cafe avs)

Spiritual Front contributed the best song to the Lichttauffe compilation that was released with the 2000 edition of the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig Germany. I didn’t know that they had a relatively old cd released then, but apparently the not very folky label Old Europe Cafe has seen potential in this Italian band a while back.
The cd is very short, only 32 minutes of which some 5 minutes blank for a ‘ghost-track’. The biggest part of the cd contains very nice and minimal neo-folk music with only vocals (in a mourning/talked manner), acoustic guitar and sometimes piano and some background sounds. There are often 50’ies samples to chear things up. All in all pretty good, but the ghost-track is something different, some noisy experiment that doesn’t really fit with the rest.

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