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Sopor Aeternus & the ensemble of shadows * Songs From The Inverted Womb (cd 2001 apocalyptic vision)

This is already the seventh cd by Sopor and the last three came fairly close after eachother. “Songs…” again comes in a box, a normal cd and on vinyl, but the box is not an A5 box like the “Dead Lover’s…” cds, but more one like the “The Smell Of Blood…” cd by The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud (cd box sized) with a seperate booklet and a disc-box-slider like the Ataraxia and Arcana cds on CMI inside.
But to the music. “Songs…” opens with a few terribly sad songs which are more or less in the ‘old’ Sopor vein, a bit medievalish darkwave. As the cd continues the songs become a bit ‘lighter’, more chamber-music-like (as on “Dead Lover’s”), but this time they took the drumkit out of the cellar. Around the end you can hear a couple of brilliant ‘happy’ Soporistic sounds which results in a good feeling at the end of this cd.
However the title explicitly refers to the most ‘famous’ Sopor theme, the lyrics do not deal (much) with transsexuality (“transpersonality”), but more with ‘spiritual matters’ like we have seen on earlier cds as well. Of course also references to the ‘greater Sopor story’ and EA Poe and what also seems to become part of the evolution of this project, the texts become longer and longer.
So once again Anna-Varney received another magnificent album from her Ensemble Of Shadows.

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