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Sopor Aeternus * Ich Tote Mich Jedesmal (cd 1994/1999 apocalyptic vision)

I suppose this is somewhat of a gesture to all Sopor fans and believe me, there are many of them in Europe. This is the debut cd of Sopor Aeternus which was released in 1994, but there are 7 songs added from the three demos. Many people say that they like the debut, but after this the music became too cheerfull. I particularly like everything after the debut, which I find rather primitive. I don’t think the later albums are very cheerfull either, maybe that’s just a way of looking at it. Anyhow, the demos of this one-(wo)man project were naturally even more primitive than the debut-cd. I bought this one, even though I have the limited first edition of the original cd, just to have it. I think this will be the case for many Sopor freaks in the world. The package is more or less the same as the original, but the interior of the booklet differs a lot. There’re old pictures (lots of grime) and the picture which came with the limited first edition (the only difference from the later version is that picture and a seperate text-sheet) the texts are now also printed in the booklet, in the unreadable calligraphs of Anna-Varney him/her-self.
Generally, I think this is only a must-have for the fans.
Apocalyptic Vision * Ahornweg 19 * 64807 Dieburg * Germany

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