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Sophia * Spite (cd 2002 cold meat industry)

Mr Pettersson is so active that I stopped buying everything he releases. I don’t have the latest Arcana releases and I skipped the mcd that came before this full-length. Besides the endless flood of releases there is the point that most releases are good, but not brilliant, this also goes for “Spite”. The 45-minute cd starts with a dark ambient track that goes over in the bombastic industrial style that we came to know Sophia for. The second track is another quite heavy piece with harmonic singing (very nice!) and there are also more of the militant sounds. Something new are the vocals (sung or more in a grunt-way) which definately adds something to the music. Of course the sound is still very orchestral and the beats are still out-of-proportionally loud which I always found the most wonderfull thing about this project. The cd doesn’t sound too much like the previous releases but you immediately hear that it is Sophia. Like with the previous cds that is heavy industrial and dark ambient, some tracks are brilliant, other not too much. Overall another nice cd. I don’t like the artwork and the cover too much, but the photos inside the booklet are wonderfull. All of ‘industrial equipment’. <29/6/02><3>

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