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Sophia * Herbstwerk (cd+mcd 2001 cold meat industry)

Pretty short after a debut cd and a 10″ (see elsewhere), there is a second cd on Cold Meat which contains the 10″ as 3″ free bonus mcd. Again the style is bombastic industrial. Fairly tranquil (dark ambient) music with extremely heavy beats and marchdrums. Also live this sounds pretty damn impressive. The music on this second cd is more varried than on the debut, which is more or less built around one idea. The resemblances with label mate and studio-master In Slaughter Natives become more obvious, but who cares? I like Peter’s bombastic orchestrated and heavy industrial as much as the better ISN recordings and since mr Havukainen isn’t too productive with his own music, Sophia comes as a welcome alternative. Of coursrse the two don’t sound fully alike and Sophia also has some ambient-like things on his cd, which are quite well-done as well.
Oh, and I keep complaining about the recent CMI cds lay-outs, this one is simple, but beautiful. <4/7/01> <4>

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