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Sophia * Sigillum Militia (cd 2001 cold meat industry)

As you may have heard Sophia is a solo project of Peter Petterson of Arcana. However I am not a very big Arcana fan I ordered this cd because it was said to be darker and more martial than Arcana. Sophia lives up most of what I hoped for.
This short cd (40 min) opens with a very nice dark industrial track and continues with an Arcana-like track with fierce drumming. Further the cd is full of dark ambient and industrial and bombastic martial and medievalish sounding tracks that definately proves this to be from the same mind as Arcana, but what I like a lot better. Only the irritating two minutes of nothing and the seven minute last track aren’t too good in my ears. <27/1/01> <4>

2 thoughts on “Sophia * Sigillum Militia (cd 2001 cold meat industry)”

  1. Greetings…
    well i have to say that brough the same feelings to me this album of Sophia.
    Yes, you can find lots of Arcanas things…
    I a big fan of Arcana… from the beggining until Le Serpent Rouge
    i want Raspail Album…
    a very nice album Sigilum Millitum

  2. I like Peter Pettersson (now Bjargo) as an artist; I think he is very talented. But he has a habit of making very short albums. The new Raspail from Arcana is very short; well under 40 minutes. The Karjalan Sissit album he produced on Cyclic Law (Transsit) is only 32 minutes long. There is very little development of themes, just the presentation of a musical idea and then nothing more.

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